Toledo Region

Toledo Region

What Makes Toledo Different?

The Toledo Region is home. It’s unique and we know it.  It’s time everyone else knew it, too.  Take a look at some of the reasons why IT MATTERS WHERE YOU MAKE IT® in Toledo.

Affordability & Accessibility

The towns and cities of the Toledo Region provide housing options as diverse as the communities themselves. Housing prices in the region are some of the most affordable in the nation. Housing prices in the region have made a strong showing in recent quarters which is an indicator of the region’s growing economic strength. Or maybe they’re a sign that homebuyers are recognizing more fully the appeal and value of the region’s quality of life. You will be surprised and rewarded by discovering what’s available for yourself.


In the Toledo Region, the commitment to education is deeply rooted and strong. Building on an extensive public school system supplemented by many private choices, the region provides a rich array of post-secondary educational opportunities, including nationally recognized schools of engineering, pharmacy, education, business, medicine and law.


Take pleasure in the delicious culinary heritage of the Toledo Region and sample diverse and creative fare at a variety of restaurants, cafes, and local eateries. Indulge in Hungarian dishes at the beloved Tony Packo’s or reward yourself with a New York strip steak at Mancy’s Steakhouse. The region’s dynamic array of dining spots will give you a new appreciation for Midwestern cuisine.


Convenience, accessibility, and selection are the perks of the region’s best indoor and outdoor malls and shopping centers. The wide variety of local shopping options include high-end and discount stores along with food offerings to appease your shopping appetite. Franklin Park Mall, Fallen Timbers and Levis Commons offer shopping at stores such as Apple, Ann Taylor Loft, and Dillards just to name a few.


In Northwest Ohio, the network of health and social service organizations is strong. The region’s hospitals include some that rank as the nation’s very best in key areas of care. The region also boasts doctors, nurses, specialists and technicians who are among the most experienced and well-trained in the nation.


Want music?  From local talent to national performers, area clubs and top rated venues feature world-class musicians performing every genre. SoundTrek is an annual live local music experience featuring nearly 40 bands at 10 venues in a single night. It is a celebration of Toledo's rich live music heritage with music ranging from rock, pop, and hip-hop to blues, jazz, R&B, Americana and more.

Sports & Recreation

The Toledo Region is home to professional baseball and hockey teams and enjoys easy access to college athletics from dozens of major schools within an hour’s drive. The region contains some of the most ecologically distinctive environments and wildlife habitats in the United States. The fantastic level of biodiversity the region supports makes it an international destination for bird watching, fishing, hiking, running and the simple pleasure of getting outside. The region’s full range of recreational activities extend across all seasons, and include a full range of options for all to enjoy.


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