Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the Port Authority funded?
A: Ninety-three percent of Port Authority funding comes from revenue generated by its operating divisions and its finance programs. This revenue pays for all administrative costs including staff salaries. The other 7 percent comes from revenue generated by its tax levy. That money is used exclusively for capital improvement projects.

Q: Does the public have access to the Port Authority's financial statements?
A: Yes, please click here for access.

Q: I have cargo that will require heavy lift crane capacity. Who do I contact about scheduling delivery?
A: Midwest Terminals of Toledo-International 419.897.6868. Midwest Terminals operates the General Cargo Docks at the Port of Toledo.

Q: How do I sign my organization up to receive notifications for publicly bid Port Authority projects?
A: Click here to sign up to register your organization to our supplier recruitment database.

Q: Where can I find a tax blanket, credit application letter or W-9?
A: Click on the following links to open downloadable PDFs of each form - Tax Blanket, Credit Application Letter, W-9.

Q: Do I need a TWIC in order to get access to Port of Toledo terminals and if so, where can I apply for one?
A: Most terminals require a TWIC card, but TWIC escorts may be available at some terminals. Contact the terminal operator for additional information. Read more about the TWIC program here or find an enrollment center near you.

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